Speed and Agility Prices

Per Session Packages  

1 Session $40

14 Sessions $475

20 Sessions $640

1-on-1 Personal Training Session $70

(*For all session packages, the last session is the post-test.

The remaining time will be used as a Speed & Agility session.)


Monthly Programs

3 Month 2 Days a Week $225/per month

3 Month Unlimited $285/month

6 Month 2 Days a Week $180/month

6 Month Unlimited $240/month


Youth Performance Program

1 Month 2 Days a Week: $160/month
1 Month 3 Days a Week: $200/month
10-Sessions: $250

The Youth Performance Program runs

Mon/ Wed/Fri at 6:00 PM and Tues/Thurs at 7:00 PM.

Athletes will select 2 of these days each week to train.

The program is month to month with no commitment.

Sport Specific Strength Training 

First Month New Athlete: $140
First Month for TPTC Athletes: $130
(First month includes 2 1-on-1 weight training sessions and 1-month unlimited training)
Monthly Strength Training: $60/month
Monthly Strength Training (TPTC Athletes only): $50/Month
Off-Site Strength Training Program: $40/month

ACL Bridge – Return to Play

First 5 sessions (one on one) $280 

Monthly Program/2 days per week + strength training $260/month

**Speed and Agility Group Discounts**

To receive the discount, all participants MUST complete the Pre-Evaluation together.  After the Pre-Evaluation each participant can schedule training sessions individually, if needed.

If 2 athletes sign up together you get 10% off each package or monthly payment
If 3 athletes sign up together you get 15% off each package or monthly payment
If 4 or MORE sign up together you get 20% off each package or monthly payment