Strength & Conditioning 

Sport Specific Strength Training 

Program Benefits: 

  • Access the workout on phone/computer via the Train Heroic app.

  • You’ll learn how to train and lift weights properly.

  • Programs are updated monthly to maximize progress.

  • You’ll have access to state-of-the-art equipment.

  • You can train at your convenience during normal business hours.

Individual Program Details:

  • On-site strength training plans available to be done at the Total Performance Training Center during regular business hours.

  • Unlimited Strength Training: $60/month

  • First Month: Additional $80 for two 1-on-1 sessions and program creation.

**TPTC ATHLETE DISCOUNT: Unlimited Strength Training only $50/month*!
*May require additional instructional sessions.
(Only offered to athletes who purchased a Speed & Agility program at TPTC!)


Team Strength Training Options  
  • We offer services to create team strength training programs 
  • Consultation services to coach off-site classes at the convenience of the entire team