Building a solid foundation at a young age is the best way to create successful athletes. Our Youth Performance Program builds that foundation by teaching athletes 8-11 years old how to move and train properly. By taking a long-term development approach, we are able to improve speed, agility, coordination, and create injury-resistant athletes. The training is intense, but is done in a fun and engaging atmosophere that builds confidence and fosters important attributes like leadership, perserverence, and a good work ethic. 
Some Components addressed in the Youth Performance Program 

- Speed ​

- Agility

- Coordination

- Teamwork & Cooperation

- Conditioning

- Core Strength 

- Coachability 

- Spatial Awareness

The Youth Performance Program applies traditional training methods in an atmosphere that young athletes find enjoyable. Athletes will be challenged every session. The expectation is for athletes to have fun while training at their very hardest the entire session. The result is a stronger, faster, and more explosive athlete who enjoys training and understands the value of hard work and dedication.